Buy a car in Germany for export

Jens E. Richter's Purchase Service

You have found a car in the German market. Need help with buying and shipping? I offer a kind of car-buying and export service, do that for many years…

You would like to find a car in Germany. The best internet source for used cars in Germany is:

If you have found an interesting car please send me the link to the ad and I will contact the seller for more information. This is how it starts…

Almost everyone can buy a used car in Germany with my assistance!

I contact the sellers and try to get more information of the wanted car such as service history, roadworthiness, recent repairs, accidents, re-spray. I inspect, test drive and buy cars for my clients, do the inland transport in Germany, do the German customs export declaration and arrange the shipment.
My customers are car dealers, private persons, importers, car collectors, help organizations, construction companies.

Porsche 968CS

Cars for USA and Canada

Canadians buy cars older than 15 years. Buyers from USA ask for over 25 year old cars...

BMW i8

Cars for Asia

Volkswagen vans to Japan, BMW, Mercedes C-Class, E-Class and V-Class to Taiwan, Toyota Hilux and MAN trucks to Myanmar, Diesel cars for South Korea...


Shipping to your country

In a container or on Roro vessels, airfreight is also possible.

Please note:

– I only buy used vehicles from the German market. Will not travel to other European countries to get you a car.

– No VAT! If I take over the purchase and export, I can deliver tax-free.

– My clients are in Africa, America, Asia. I only export to countries outside Europe.

– Used cars only. Cars here have left hand steering. Can’t find RHD cars.

– Cars will be shipped de-registered, I will not provide temporary plates.

– Cars must be in running condition, shipping lines don’t accept non-runners.

– I have no cars in stock, do no repairs, don’t sell parts. This is an export office for used cars only.

Please contact me by email: