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Fraud Warning !

On the biggest German internet market places for used cars, you will find hundreds of thousands of cars advertised by commercial dealers and  private persons. The very most of these sellers are honest people who   just try to sell their car/s. But there are also some dishonest, shady   people who only want to steal your money!!! In order to protect you from investing in fraudulent activities, I will try to explain to you how these people often work:

Most   of the time, these people advertise cars at unrealistic low prices to make sure you folks find them quick. But they actually do not really have a car they want to offer. They just take a picture of a preferred model and place an ad with a nice description, full options, low mileage  and an extremely low price.

The phone numbers you see in the ads normally are not connected;  these people want you to contact them by email. The moment you send them  an email and ask for details of the car, they will explain to you that  the car is located somewhere outside the country you live in but they  are willing to ship it to any destination. They will give you the  contact of a shipping agent who can do such transport and will show you fancy websites of these shipping companies. And they will ask you for a 10% or 20% down payment to be sent by Western Union money order.

That is the whole trick! All that these people really want is your  down payment, and once they have it, you will never hear from them  again. There is no car, no seller, not even such shipping agent.

Please note the following points:    

    1. Be careful if you see a very nice car for a very low price. Check   other cars of this model, this year, with same options and same mileage. Compare the prices and be alarmed if a car is unrealistic cheap!  
    2. Serious ads show the full name of the private seller or the full   details of a company who offers a car, and they always include a   telephone number that is connected. 
    3. European companies generally have bank accounts with European  banks. They will never ask you for a payment by Western Union, MoneyGram  or Escrow (with such payments you are unable to claim your money back).   Under any circumstances: Do not, send payments for your car by Western   Union, MoneyGram or Escrow to an unknown seller.
    4. When asking a seller of a car to arrange the shipment to your  country, he might have no experience with that and, thus, will not be  able to sell the car to you. But even if he can handle such export, he  will not ask for a down-payment but instead for full payment in advance  by telegraphic money transfer  to his German bank. A car has to be fully paid before it goes on board  the ship to your country. That is the only way it works and therefore  you have to find a reliable seller.
    5. As a buyer from a foreign country, one has to pay the price in  full in advance before the car goes on board the ship. Thus, unless you  know someone trustworthy in Germany who can check the car and arrange  the payment for you, you will have to pay in advance. However, the  seller will issue a pro forma invoice to you with all details and the   identification number of the vehicle. He will send you copies of the   German car ownership documents (title), pictures of the car, and if he   is also going to arrange the shipment for you he will name you all   shipping agents involved and provide you with copies of the appropriate shipping documents (Bill of Lading).
    6. Nobody over here will accept a cheque or payment by credit card as  payment method for a used car. Payment by Letter of Credit is very  complicated and bank charges are extremely high. Most car sellers have  no experiences with L/Cs. Others will accept this payment method only if  you buy a whole batch of cars from them for a considerable amount. For  purchasing just one single car, there is hardly any other way but to pay  in advance by telegraphic money transfer to the German bank account of  the seller. 
    7. Internet market places as,, or  the like only offer the platform for advertising the cars and getting in   contact with the seller – they are never involved at any stage in the   purchasing of the vehicles and have no further control over who is   buying which car from whom.
    These   platforms never give any recommendation as to the use of various   payment methods –any agreements concerning the commercial purchase, are exclusively undertaken between the buyer and seller. The internet market  places will never deal with any information concerning the   creditworthiness of a buyer or the reliability of the seller. If,   however, you receive email from such companies including statements   concerning the creditworthiness of a buyer, then this should be   undoubtedly a fake, fraudulent email!
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 German cars are generally in very good shape,and mostly private and commercial sellers are rather straightforward and honest. I hope you find your dreamcar without any problems.

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