Jens E. Richter Automobile 

Automobilexporte weltweit  -  Buy a car in Germany, full export service

A nice car from Germany, delivered to your nearest port.
Sure, I can help with that.  

I offer a kind of export service and can do all that for you if you  can’t come to Germany yourself. I export vehicles as required by my clients - Please send me your detailed request by email...

Best Internet sources for German used cars:

At the following sites you will find thousands of offers for used cars and trucks and the search engine has sections in many languages. You could try yourself:


Not all German used cars are listed in the internet. Please let me know what you are looking for, perhaps I can find it here in my neighbourhood. I can also  supply trucks, construction machinery, graders, caterpillars etc.

If you want me as your supplier for a used German car, if you want further  information about German cars, if you need a partner in the German market: Please contact me by email:

What I don't provide:
Cars build before 1999, spare parts (used or new), Right Hand Drive vehicles.......